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Expanding Your Hot Water Supply

Heater on White Background

There’s No Need to Bend Over Backwards to Expand Your Hot Water Supply.

It’s happened to all of us. You’re enjoying a nice shower when the warm, comforting water turns ice cold. When your household starts to grow, you need a way to expand your hot water supply to meet increased demands on your heater. However, with so many ways to upgrade your system, it can be difficult choosing an expansion that’s right for your home. To help you out, here are three of the most effective tools to grow your hot water supply.

Tool #1: Hot Water Heater Boosters

Heater boosters effectively double the amount of hot water available from your tank. How is this possible? When the booster is attached to water heating tank, it raises the resting temperature up to 140 degrees. Before this cleaner, extra-hot water is dispensed from your shower, faucets, and other appliances, it is mixed with your cold water to lower the temp back to a comfortable 120 degrees. As a tool that works with your existing hot water system, setup is easy and it helps you avoid the cost of replacements.

Tool #2: Heat Pump Water Heaters

Sometimes you just need a new water heater. If you’re going to replace your water heater in the near future, consider switching to an energy-efficient heat pump model. This design utilizes ambient warmth from the surrounding storage room to heat your water. These models work best when situated in warm environments, so they’re regularly stored next to the home furnace. Some homeowners save hundreds of dollars each year with lower energy costs.

Tool #3: Tankless Water Heaters

Sometimes you just want to skip the maintenance. With a new tankless water heater, you just might. Tankless heaters typically feature much better energy efficiency than conventional storage tank heaters. They don’t always have as strong a flow rate, but with a secondary unit you’ll be able to support multiple appliances throughout the house at once.

For more information on expanding your hot water supply, talk to one our plumbing specialists at At-Ease Plumbing. Give us a call at(972) 947-2191.

Signs That You Need Faucet Repair Service

The faucet in our kitchen and bathrooms make it easier for us to clean, bathe, and even cook. Because they are integral parts of our homes, it’s important that they are in good condition. If you think that your faucet needs repairs but you are unsure, keep reading below to know when you need faucet repair service.

Squeaky Handle

Signs You Need Faucet Repair Service

Find Out When Faucet Repair Is Necessary.

If you turn on your faucet and the handle makes a squeaking noise, you will need to call for faucet repair. The threads in the handle might be worn out and when this isn’t addressed, it can cause the handle to stick and make it hard to turn on.

Dripping Water

Have you noticed that when your faucet is completely turned off that it is still dripping water? Not only will this waste gallons of water for your home, but the sound can become agitating. There could be a number of reasons for this, but faucet repair must be taken care of right away.

Noise Coming from the Faucet

Once the faucet is turned off there should be no noise. An indication that faucet repairs are needed is when you hear screeching, banging, or clicking, this is something you should be concerned about. It could be the washer or it could be your plumbing pipes, either way, it needs immediate attention.

Water Is Coming Out of the Faucet in Spurts

Typically, when we turn on the faucet, a nice flow of water will come out. When there is damage to your faucet’s aerator, it can cause the faucet to spit or splatter water out. Calling a plumber can help you confront this problem.

If you need faucet installation or repair in Plano, TX, please call the plumbers at At-Ease Plumbing today at (972) 947-2191.

Slab Leaks 101: What You Need To Know

Are you worried that you may have a slab leak, due to an increase in the water bill or water pooling into your ground floor? Slab leaks happen when the water line beneath your home’s concrete slab pops a leak, and in time, this leak will create significant damage to your home’s slab as well as force its way up to your home.

water meter

Your Water Meter Is A Useful Tool For Detecting Slab Leaks

To repair one of these leaks, you’ll need a professional plumber, as they can be very difficult to detect, in addition to incredibly damaging to your home. When you are worried about water leaking in your house, you do not have any time to waste, as the damage will already be quite extensive. Today we will go over several ways you can tell if your home has developed a slab leak, so you can call for repairs ASAP!

Slab Leak Symptoms

Unfortunately, slab leaks are one of the more destructive leaks simply because they are just so difficult to detect. To remain ahead of leaks, it is critical that you watch the water bill, as well as be alert for unexplained increases in usage. Another way to find out is to turn off all of the water appliances in your house every now and then, and check the water meter. If all of the water in your home is turned off, but the water meter is continuing to run, you have a leak located in your plumbing. Slab leak repair is easier, quicker, as well as less costly if the leak can be found early, so make sure you stay alert for early signs of danger.


If you need help with plumbing or slab leak repairs, give our team a call today at (972) 947-2191 to get started!

How To Prevent Frozen Pipes At Home

The weather forecasts are disputed, but it looks like we may get quite the freeze this evening! That being said, we wanted to make sure that our clients know how to prepare their residential plumbing for a freeze, particularly since our Texas climate doesn’t typically require us to make such preparations. Today we will go over how to prevent your pipes from freezing!

Insulate Your Pipes

frozen pipes

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing!

The best, and most effective thing you can do is to insulate your pipes. It is quick, easy, and affordable, so there’s no reason not to get it done! Your local hardware store will have a few different pipe insulation options to choose from, so once you’ve chosen one, take it home and wrap your pipes. Some people secure the insulation with tape, but we recommend securing it with zip ties, for easier removal in the future. By insulating your pipes, you protect them from frost and ice. Additionally, remember to cover your outdoor faucets as well.

Open Your Cabinets

Another way to protect your pipes is to open your cabinets. Not all of them, but at least the cabinets that house the sinks in your home. When you open those cabinets, you’ll notice how cold they are inside. By opening them, you are allowing the warm air in your home to also keep your pipes warm.

Let Your Faucets Drip

Last but not least, allow the faucets in your home to drip just a bit. This prevents them from building up pressure if they do happen to freeze, which prevents your pipes from bursting. Additionally, a dripping faucet allows the water in the pipes to move, and moving water is less likely to freeze than still water.

If your pipes do happen to freeze, give us a call at (972) 947-2191, for fast repairs or check out this blog!

4 Signs Your Kitchen Drain Has a Clog

4 Signs Your Kitchen Drain Has a Clog

Find Out The Signs for If Your Kitchen Drain Has a Clog.

If you think that your kitchen drain is clogged, it’s important to call a plumber right away! Clogged drains are easy to fix and the sooner you have them cleaned, the better. There are a couple of signs to look out for if you are unsure if your drain has a clog.

The Drain Smells Bad

One of the most distinct ways to tell if your drain has a clog is if there is a bad smell. Old food might be clogged down the drain, which is causing it to smell.

The Drain Is Very Slow

Usually, when we run liquids down the drain or turn the water on, it doesn’t take long for the water or liquids to disappear. However, if there is a clog, it can cause your drain to be very slow.

Food In the Sink After The Dishwasher Runs

Have you ever seen food come up out of the train after you’ve run the dishwasher? This can happen because the drain has a clog.

A Gurgling Noise Coming From the Drain

Gurgling occurs when water or other liquid if trying to make its way around a clog in the drain. Water flow is taking place because the sound of gurgling is actually taking place.

Getting the clog out of your drain will ensure your drain is in great working order. If any of these sound familiar, call At-Ease Plumbing at (972) 947-2191 for clogged drain cleaning in Plano, TX. Our plumbers can provide amazing and thorough cleaning to get your drain clog free.

3 Signs You Have Frozen Pipes

3 Signs You Have Frozen Pipes

While it might not seem like a climate like Texas would cause our pipes to freeze, warmer climates are actually more susceptible to frozen pipes. Because Texas winters tend to be pretty mild, we don’t think about insulating areas that could potentially freeze, hence pipes freezing under your sink. There are prevention methods to take, but sometimes that doesn’t work. To ensure your pipes are protected from bursting, here are three signs you have frozen pipes.

Water Isn’t Coming Out of the Faucet

Turning on your kitchen or bathroom should be pretty easy, with water flowing freely. If you try to turn on the faucet and there is no water coming out, then you might have frozen pipes. Of course, there could be other issues, but if the temperature is cold enough, you may be dealing with frozen pipes.

Frost Is Seen On The Pipes

The surest way to know if your pipes are frozen? Check under the sink and see if there is frost on the pipes. If you went to bed with the weather being fine, but work up to colder weather, it’s possible the pipes are frozen if the proper precautions were not taken beforehand.

The Weather Is Cold Enough

Another one of the simple signs you have frozen pipes is that the weather is just cold enough to cause water to freeze. Check the weather and see if the temperature will fall to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below; that is when you should be very alert of pipes freezing.

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3 Signs of Faucet Damage

Faucet DrippingHomeowners rely on faucets for everyday activities. After all, two of the most important rooms in your household contain faucets, your kitchen and bathroom. It is a place to wash your hands to remain healthy, and wash food items to prepare a healthy meal. It’s with these things in mind, that faucet damage becomes a major inconvenience for homeowners. For At East Plumbing, we offer faucet repair and installation to residents of Plano, TX. If you are concerned about damage, be mindful of these 4 warning signs:


A leaky faucet can be a pain. Not only is it annoying, but it can cause a massive spike in your water bill. The origin of this defect is usually stems from increased water pressure and / or broken valves. The dripping should be both audible and visible. Audible in the sense that you can hear it in an otherwise quiet room, and visible in the sense that you can see the dripping, as well as a build up of water near the base of your sink.


A faucet that “spits” is likely damaged on the interior. Normally, faucets present a nice stream of water that flows naturally and remains consistent. With this particular defect, the water flow will be irregular, and many times spit water away from the sink and on to you. You might also hear a distinct sound that accompanies the unnatural flow.


Check the handle to your bathroom faucet. Does it cause a “squeak” sound when you turn it on? If so, it could be indication that the stem is damaged. For DIY’ers, you can take some silicone grease and apply it to the creases of the faucet. If that doesn’t work, professional assistance will be required. Call (972) 947-2191 for faucet repair in Plano, TX.

Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement

water heater replacement

A trusted plumber can both determine need and install a new water heater.

Like all other appliances, water heaters have a limited lifespan. Regardless of the size or model you purchase, the day will come when it needs replacement. Unfortunately, most people don’t recognize the signs until too late. Water heater failure presents both an inconvenience and safety concern, so keep an eye out for these indicators. If the time has come for water heater replacement in Plano, TX, trust At-Ease Plumbing with the work.

Water Puddle

A puddle of water near your heater can simply indicate that a loose valve or connector needs tightening. On the other hand, it can also signal an immediate need for replacement. If the water comes from fractures in your tank, then you need a new heater. As the tank expands and contracts through the heating process, the cracks will only worsen.

Old Age

As stated in the introduction, water heaters have a limited lifespan. Generally speaking, you can expect about 10 years out of a quality device. Any longer than that, and you open the door to problems. If your water heater has aged beyond this point, schedule an inspection with a trusted technician.

Rusty Water

Rusty water that comes from both taps has a likely source elsewhere in your plumbing. If it comes only from the hot tap, however, look to your water heater as the culprit. The rust comes from the interior of the machine, which has begun to deteriorate. This serves as a major concern, and should spur an immediate call for replacement.

For all needs with water heater replacement in Plano, TX, trust At-Ease Plumbing. For any service inquiries, call us today at (972) 947-2191.

Do You Have A Water Leak?

Leaking faucet

Fixing Leaks Can Conserve Water As Well As Save You Money!

If you are trying to save money, or the environment, you know that conserving water is a great way to do both. The EPA has found that over 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted across the nation each year in the form of plumbing leaks. Every leaking faucet, running toilet, and faulty sprinkler matters when you’re looking at 11 million homes. In your own home, there are a lot of simple ways to fix leaks yourself, or you can have a plumber like us fix them for you! However, it is important that you fix them quickly so your home wastes less water, and saves more money. Below, we’ve listed several ways you can tell if you have a leak problem.

Running Water

When all of the water sources in your home are supposedly turned off, do you still hear running water? Check all of your appliances, and if they are off but the water is still running, call a professional to find the source!

Low Water Pressure

When your plumbing system has a leak, it can no longer maintain the high water pressure you are used to. If the water pressure has suddenly dropped across all of your water supply, it could indicated a cracked or burst pipe.

 Higher Bills

If your water bill is increasing, but you are certain your usage has not increased, this is a fairly obvious sign of a leak. Keep in mind that tree roots can cause pipe breaks beneath the ground that could take days or even weeks to show on the surface, so its best to stay on top of your water bills!

Active Water Meter

This is one of the most surefire ways to determine if you have a leak, even if it can’t tell you where it is. If all of the water in your house is turned off, but your water meter is still running, you definitely have a leak.

If you need assistance with a plumbing leak in Plano, TX, give us a call today at (972) 612-2170! We provide excellent plumbing services, and we can help you repair leaks and save water in no time!



Signs You Have a Sewer Line Problem

Sewer Inspections & Repairs

Sewer lines provide an indispensable function for a home. All of the wastewater you generate, from your toilet to the kitchen sinks, empties into this line. A problem here, whether it’s a leak or outright rupture, will call for immediate repairs. Of course, you should ideally get sewer line problems repaired before they meet a critical point. Here are a few indicators that you may need sewer repair in Plano, TX.

Regular Backups and Slow Drains

If multiple drains around your house have begun to back up, or have trouble training, then you likely have a clog or other obstruction in your sewer. Since all of your drains empty into the sewer line, a problem there will appear elsewhere throughout your home. If your back-up occurs in just one drain, the problem is likely isolated there, and can be fixed accordingly.

Unpleasant Odors

Unpleasant odors or sewer smells around your house can also indicate a leaking sewer line. Sewer lines should remain airtight at all times. Therefore, if you notice a persistent smell, then something has gone wrong. Since leaks can eventually turn into full-fledged ruptures, you’ll want to get this attended to quickly.

Outside Signs

In addition to what you may notice inside your house, signs of sewer line problems can occur outdoor as well. Unusually vibrant or green patches in your lawn can indicate an underground sewer leak. You should also look for odd indentations in your yard, as they can indicate soil erosion from a long-standing sewer line leak. Lastly, check out your foundation. If you notice that cracks have begun to appear with regularity, a leaking or ruptured sewer line may be the culprit.

For any and all of your needs with sewer repair in Plano, TX, give At-Ease Plumbing a call at(972) 947-2191. We are the area experts for all plumbing issues, and want to help you today.