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Easy Plumbing Repair For Common Problems

With a few tools a little know-how, you can easily repair simple plumbing problems in your home. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or clogged drain, you can save some time and money with these simple DIY plumbing repairs.

Running Toilet

Have you ever heard your toilet flush when no one is in the bathroom? Don’t worry; it’s not a ghost! You most likely need to replace the rubber flapper inside the tank. The rubber can degrade over time, especially if you ever put chemicals or cleaners inside the toilet tank. This is a simple and inexpensive toilet repair you can do yourself.

You can find universal sized flappers at your local hardware store. Be sure to turn off the water and drain the tank before installing the new one (it’s easier, trust us!). Detach the old flapper and attach the new one. Make sure the chain length is correct before reassembly.

Low Water Pressure

A common cause of low water pressure is limescale buildup. The limescale will clog filters and holes, making the water come out at a reduced pressure and rate. Removing limescale from faucets and showers is simple enough. You will need to remove the shower head spray plate or faucet filter, then scrub away and deposits that you can using an old toothbrush.

Then, soak the pieces in white vinegar or descaling solution. After the recommended time, or when they look completely clean, you may remove them and reassemble your shower head and faucet.

Clogged Kitchen Sink

If your kitchen sink is not draining, there are a few different possible culprits. First, check your disposal for a blockage. Remember to never stick your hand or fingers into the disposal; even when it is off, the sharp blades can cut you! If there’s nothing in the disposal, try plunging the sink. Be sure to clamp the flexible drain line running to your dishwasher to keep any dirty water out.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, you will likely need to clean the P-trap. If you have the tools, go for it. Otherwise, call a professional for plumbing repair!

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