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Important Features to Consider When Purchasing a Toilet

While it’s not something we think about a lot, toilets that have a lot of beneficial features are important. The toilet is something we use every day, so finding a toilet that meets your specific needs are important. If you are in the market to purchase a toilet for your home, consider these toilet features.


According to Consumer Reports, toilets flush away about 30% of water in U.S. residential homes. When you are purchasing a new toilet for your home, look for one that is water conserving.

Shape and Size

This might not have crossed your mind, but these are important toilet features to consider. What if you choose a toilet and you aren’t sure if the shape or size will fit in the bathroom space you have. Always measure the area where your toilet is going to go.

Flushing Power

No one wants a toilet that has a quick flush. While it’s not necessary to have a toilet that flushes at 100 miles an hour, a toilet that doesn’t have to be flushed multiple times is key.

Types of Toilets

Toilet features like size and water conservation are important, but knowing what type of toilet you want is also important. You can choose between a two-piece, one-piece, or a wall-hung toilet. Depending on how much cleaning you do, space, and what kind of replacement parts the toilet has, it is something that should be considered.

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