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3 Signs It's Time For Your Plumbing Drain to Be Cleaned

Because our drains don’t usually cross our minds when it comes to home maintenance, there will be times when drain cleaning isn’t done very often. Since our drains are an important part of our plumbing systems, it is important to keep them well maintained to prevent repairs. Here are four signs you need drain cleaning for your residential bathroom or kitchen.

Slow to Drain

Having a slow drain is one of the number one signs you need drain cleaning. Usually, the drain will become clogged with hair, soap, or even food, making it slowly drain. Using a sink plunger can usually do the trick, but if it seems pretty bad, call a plumber.

Bad Smells

This seems pretty obvious, but it is a problem that isn’t taken that seriously. With an odor we assume it will go away, but when it comes to our sinks, its a sign its time to clean the drain. The smell can be due to food or other wastes. Pouring water down the drain usually does the trick, but if you hear any gurgling sounds, you should call a plumber right away.

Persistent or Multiple Clogs

If your kitchen and bathroom drains are both clogged or you keep having to rid your drains of clogs, you need some serious drain cleaning. Both persistent leaks and multiple clogs can be an indication of sewer line troubles. Have professional cleaning done by a plumber when this happens.

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