Well Pump Repair

Well Pump

Do You Need Fast And Affordable Well Pump Repair?

When you live in an average suburban neighborhood, or in the heart of the city, chances are that you never have to worry about a well pump. However, if you live in a rural area, and your water supply system is separate from that of your neighbors, your home’s water supply likely comes from a well pump. There are different types of well pumps, depending on how deep the water is in the ground, but regardless of the type, anything hidden underground is susceptible to certain damages. If you find yourself in need of well pump repair in Plano, TX, our team at At-Ease Plumbing is here to help!

Affordable Well Pump Installation

There are different types of well pumps to choose from, depending on how deep the water you’re trying to reach is. If the water isn’t too far down, a shallow well pump installation is more than sufficient. Shallow well pumps often operate with the help of a jet pump and are very efficient up to a 25-foot depth. For anything deeper than that, a stronger type of well pump will be required. This type of system is slightly more complex, but with proper installation, will achieve the same results. Across the board, well pumps tend to have incredibly similar components, meaning that when you call a professional for repairs, you shouldn’t have to spend weeks waiting for repair parts to arrive. Well pumps aren’t meant to work continuously, but you also don’t want to wait for it to turn on every time you need water. To remedy this, well pumps typically send water to a pressure tank to hold the water until it is needed, and as this tank empties, the pump begins working to fill it again. Both of the parts work closely to provide your home with all of your water needs.

Well pump installation is best performed by an experienced professional, as is well pump repair. These systems can be tricky to calibrate in a DIY situation, and a professional can complete the process more quickly and more efficiently. To request a new installation, or to schedule well pump repair in Plano, TX or the surrounding areas, give us a call at (972) 947-2191! We are the local plumbing professionals you can count on!