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Your Kitchen Garbage Disposal Is A Helpful Appliance!

Garbage disposal units are unassuming kitchen appliances. They certainly don’t command focus like a refrigerator, and they don’t have space-age control panels like microwaves or other appliances. Being hidden beneath your sink, they don’t add any aesthetic value to your home, either. Regardless, the garbage disposal ranks among the most important components of your kitchen, and of your plumbing system as a whole. Each and every day, quite possibly more so than any other kitchen appliance, garbage disposal units afford practicality and convenience for everyone in your home.

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Our preferred brand here at At-Ease Plumbing is InSinkErator. InSinkErator food waste disposers are the best-selling brand in the world. John W. Hammes patented the first garbage disposal units, and started InSinkErator to produce and distribute them. Since 1940, InSinkErator has literally written the book on garbage disposal installation, repair, and maintenance. We can use a different brand if you would prefer, and we even have the option to move from the standard 1/3 HP unit up to a stronger ½ HP unit.

How Garbage Disposals Work

Garbage Disposal Repair

We Can Help With All Of Your Garbage Disposal Repair And Installation Needs!

A common misconception about garbage disposal units revolves around how they work. It might appear that they operate in the same manner as a blender; with spinning blades that chop and break down the food. Garbage disposal units, however, don’t use any blades whatsoever. Impellers are mounted atop a spinning turntable, and these impellers use centrifugal force to constantly push solid food waste against a grind ring. Small grooves in the grind ring break down the food into smaller and smaller particles until they are eventually small enough to pass through the grinding ring and down the drain with water. As the food has been virtually liquefied, many of the problems commonly associated with storing massive amounts of food waste in municipal landfills can be avoided.

The logic behind using a garbage disposal unit is to treat food waste as a liquid (with an average of 70% water, as with human waste) and to use existing wastewater systems. This minimizes the need for additional sewage systems and eliminates many of the problems associated with large quantities of food waste being stored in landfills. Most wastewater plants can effectively process organic material into fertilizers, and more modern facilities can capture and store methane to produce energy later on.

When stored in landfills, food waste can:

  • Cause public health concerns
  • Create unsanitary conditions
  • Have negative impacts on the environment

Waste-to-energy facilities cannot process food waste because the high water content requires more energy to burn than it produces, and food particles can release large quantities of methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas. By liquefying these particles, the problems typically associated with disposing of food waste are largely eliminated.

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