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When it comes to plumbing, having a qualified professional at your service can really determine how simple and successful your repairs or installations will be.  At-Ease Plumbing works diligently to be the plumbing contractor in Plano, TX that you can count on.  With over 25 years of experience, our master plumber can help with all of your plumbing needs! From residential to commercial and everything in-between. We can work with any plumbing brands in your home, though we do have brands we prefer to work with, for the sake of quality and longevity. Below you’ll find a list of several of our most popular services! However, if you don’t see what you’re searching for, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We offer a wide range of plumbing services, so we may still offer what you need, even if it isn’t listed.

Our Services

  • Clogged Drain Cleaning Cleaning clogged drains is the best way to remove the clog, and prevent another clog from forming.
  • Commercial Plumbing Company For big scale products such as commercial plumbing, a professional and experienced plumber is a necessity.
  • Residential Plumbing Company When you are choosing a plumber to come into your home, go with the professional plumbers you can trust!
  • Plumbing Video Camera Inspection Don’t let a plumbing contractor dismantle your home for the sake of finding damages. Our video inspection system can help.
  • Burst / Frozen Pipe Repair Frozen pipes lead to burst pipes since frozen water in the pipes will expand and cause a leak!
  • Whole House Repiping Repiping your entire home can be a big job, but sometimes, it’s the smartest and most cost efficient option.
  • Backflow Testing & Repair If your home is having backflow issues, our team can help with accurate testing and repairs.
  • Main Water Line Repairs If your main water line has broke, or if you notice anything out of the ordinary, be sure to give our crew a call!
  • Emergency Plumbing Repairs If you’re faced with a plumbing emergency, you can count on our expert plumbers to come to the rescue!
  • Broken Pipe Repair Broken pipes can cause leaks, flooding, and other inconvenient plumbing mishaps. Call us for speedy repairs!
  • Hose Bib Replacement If the hose bib outside of your home is in need of replacement, you’ve come to the right plumbers for the job!
  • New Construction Plumbing Installation New construction plumbing projects require experienced and professional plumbing experts.
  • Pressure Tank Repair & Install If your pressure tank isn’t operating properly, it can lead to frustration and damage in more ways than one!
  • Water Pressure Booster If your home is displaying signs of weakened water pressure, installing a water pressure booster may be the solution!
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Among our more popular services for residential plumbing projects, we offer reliable repiping services. The price of repiping will fluctuate, depending on the piping material you pick. PVC, for example, may last 2 decades at most when cast iron piping can last up to 100 years! Repiping is a large project, so it is essential that your plumbing contractor makes sure that repiping is the only option left before you agree to such an invasive project. We also offer frozen pipe repair. Freezing water expands, and increases the level of pressure placed on the pipes, causing them to crack and leak.

Another area we service is commercial plumbing needs. Whether you are experiencing clog, leaks, or anything else, it is crucial to keep in mind that fast repairs are the best course of action. You can expect more costly repairs if you wait too long, in addition to potentially repairable damages from water. If you want to avoid damages altogether, we do offer a maintenance service that is designed to catch and address any problems early on.

Additionally, keep in mind that we provide fast and reliable emergency plumbing repairs as well. By calling (972) 947-2191 you can set up an appointment with your trusted plumbing contractor in Plano, TX, today!