Clogged Bathtub Drain Cleaning

Cleaning Bathtub Drain

Is Your Bathtub Drain Flowing Smoothly?

Have you ever dealt with a clog in your bathtub’s drain? It is a fairly common occurrence for homeowners to come across, particularly in homes with children and pets that use the bathtub. Despite how common clogged bathtubs are, many homeowners aren’t entirely sure of the best techniques to avoid or address these problems. There are a few tips we’d like to share with you, but always remember that our expert plumbers are more than happy to help you repair your clogged bathtub in Plano, TX and the surrounding areas! Also bear in mind that prevention is the best at-home remedy, and many of the other DIY techniques you come across may bring temporary relief, but will likely leave the problem improperly resolved.

Clogged Tub Drains Lead To Burst Pipes

To begin, we want to touch on just why a clogged bathtub drain is such a big deal. It may seem like nothing other than a nuisance, but the truth is that any clogged drain can lead to costly repairs if it is left unfixed. Bathtub drains are typically clogged by soap scum, oils, and hairs that wash down the drain and gather into a mass somewhere down the line. As this clog sits there, it catches additional debris until it finally impedes the flow of water entirely. At this point, the clog has the potential to cause enough pressure to burst the drainage pipe! This will lead to incredibly costly and difficult repairs, as well as a sizable mess. This is why it is essential to call a plumber at the first sign of slow drainage. Our plumbers at At-Ease Plumbing are more than happy to help repair your clogged bathtub in Plano, TX, as well as any other clogged drains in your home.

Clogged Bathtub Drain

A Clogged Bathtub Drain Can Go From Inconvenient To Gross Faster Than You Might Think!

As we mentioned before, when it comes to DIY drain cleaning, it is smartest to stick to prevention methods. This includes protecting your bathtub drain with a screen that collects hair, or maybe washing the long-haired pets outside with the hose. Many DIY clog removal kits can cause damage to your fixtures, or even make the clog worse. Chemical drain cleaners can take the finish off of porcelain and tiles, while leaving the majority of the clog still in your drain. Trying to force a clog through with improper plunger techniques can simply force the clog further down. All in all, focus on prevention, and if a clog sneaks in anyway, call the experts at (972) 947-2191 to fix your clogged bathtub drain in Plano, TX  and the surrounding areas!