Yard Line Water Leaks

Underground Water Leak Detection

This Underground Water Pipe Was Broken By invasive Tree Roots.

Nobody likes to come home after a long day at work to a flooded front yard, but for homeowners, this is often an unavoidable reality. With your main water line running through the yard, as well as any sort of in-ground sprinkler system, yard leaks are a possibility you’ll want to be prepared for! In this section, we’ll go over what causes underground yard leaks, and how to detect one early on. If you’ve already detected a leak, and you are in need of underground water pipe leak repair in┬áPlano, TX or the surrounding areas, give our office a call at (972) 947-2191! We can set you up with our emergency plumbing service for anything from main water line breaks to damaged sewer lines!

Underground Water Line Leaks And Damages

Water Shut Off

Turning Off The Main Water Line During A Major Leak Can Save Money And Prevent Additional Damages.

So what causes underground water line leaks? A variety of factors can lead to leaks in your buried piping, including invasive tree roots, or plain old age and corrosion. Unfortunately, these kinds of leaks tend to start out very small and can take months to become apparent at the surface. This could turn into hundreds of dollars in wasted water later. To keep an eye out for small underground leaks, be sure to monitor your water bill for sudden spikes or unexplained changes, as this can indicate a water leak. On the other hand, sometimes leaks underground can be quite large, and flood your yard within mere hours, potentially killing all of your grass, and wasting hundreds of gallons. In this case, it is essential to call an emergency plumber ASAP for underground water pipe leak repair and turn off your main water line if you can. Generally, you can turn off the water supply with a valve close to the house, or use the city valve in the street.

If you suspect your home may be at risk of an underground water leak, or even a slab leak, give our team a call for our leak detection services. We can help you quickly pinpoint the location of an underground link without digging up your entire yard. We provide fast and affordable underground water pipe leak repair in Plano, TX, and we offer emergency services as well. Call today at (972) 947-2191 to get started!