Drain & Sewer

At-Ease Plumbing offers drain and sewer line cleaning & repair services in Plano, TX. Whether your stoppage is small or large, we have the right equipment to take care of the job. We have multiple size machines to cover any size and type drain or sewer stoppage. There is never a good time for your plumbing system to “back up”, but when it does, you need someone who is dependable, experienced, knowledgeable, and that understands the urgency of getting your home back in working order. We understand what an inconvenience it is when your sewer line or drain system is not working properly. Our goal is to make the cleaning or repair as easy as possible on you and your family.

Sewer Cleaning Drain and sewer Line Cleaning & Repair Services in Plano, TX.

Many times, hard-water scale can constrict your pipes, accumulating along the inside edges and limiting the amount of space waste water has the pass through. By using high-pressure water flow, we can remove this layer of scale and allow adequate water flow through your sewer system again, however this isn’t a permanent fix. We recommend replacing your water lines with durable PEX piping whenever possible.

If you need drain and sewer line cleaning & repair services in Plano, TX., call At-Ease Plumbing to discuss what solution works best for you. (972) 947-2191

Sewer Repair

sewer line in groundWhether your sewer system lines have sagged (often called a “bellied” pipe) from shifting soil, have eroded (called “channeling”) from years of water flow, or tree roots have broken the lines, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to repair your sewer lines quickly and efficiently. As sewer lines are routed underneath the surface of the ground, seams and joints must be installed to channel the piping to the correct place and at the correct slope. These seams and joints can be subject to immense pressure as the earth around them shifts and settles, and this is one of the most common places along sewer lines to leak. We can re-seal most seams before the damage becomes too severe and needs a replacement, and we will always work to minimize the impact of our repairs.

Randy has over 25 years experience, and as a master plumber, has the knowledge and expertise to take care of your sewer and drain line needs. You may be surprised at how fast we can have everything working again. Whether a child has flushed something down the toilet, your washing machine line is clogged, or your whole house is stopped up, give us a call at to discuss the options. We’ll quickly get the problem solved, and at the most affordable price possible. If you need drain and sewer line cleaning & repair services in Plano, TX., call At-Ease Plumbing today! (972) 947-2191